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You can add as many numbers as you want. Each WhatsApp number corresponds to an instance of Wsappmass (exactly how it works for WhatsApp Web).

If you want to activate multiple numbers, you will need to activate multiple instances. You can also log out and return to Wsappmass with another number.

The important thing is to remember that each instance of Wsappmass has a WhatsApp number, but there are no limits to the accounts you can create in Wsappmass.

And remember that thanks to Wsappmass, you can use one WhatsApp number for multiple devices.

Help with Wsappmass functionalities (1)

1 – How to view the connection information of your Whatsapp device?

Informations de connexion WhatsApp

Connecting your mobile’s WhatsApp account greatly affects the quality of your connection. Good performance design will allow WhatsApp applications to send and receive messages much more efficiently.

A large part of the disconnection and slow signal transmission is the slow connection to your device.


2. Step 1: Go to the list of connected accounts and choose one

Informations de connexion WhatsApp

3. Step 2: choose to display the design information in the first menu

Informations de connexion WhatsApp

Your device information includes:

  • Whatsapp version
  • Operating system version
  • Manufacturer of the mobile device
  • Mobile device model