Marketing campaigns on WhatsApp

Who are we?

ASSETSET LTD is a communication agency specializing in digital marketing

We have developed a platform for businesses that allows them to send mass messages via WhatsApp. The Wsappmass platform allows you to communicate with your customers and prospects in seconds.

Send promotions, discount codes, booking confirmations, reminders or news to boost your customers and prospects with just a few clicks.

  1. Send media messages (texts, images, videos, sounds, …)
  2. Manage multiple WhatsApp accounts
  3. Save your sending campaigns
  4. Send messages to numbers outside the directory
  5. Schedule the sending of your messages.
  6. Use the chatbot Using the automatic autoresponder
  7. Manage your media in one place

2 billion

That’s the number of WhatsApp users in the world!

Multiple accounts

Save your campaigns and send them at the date and time of your choice

Management of numbers outside the directory

Send your messages to phone numbers that are not in your director

Autoresponder & Chatbot

Program your autoresponder to respond almost instantly to your customers and use the Chatbot to record leads

You wish :

  • Powerful and innovative marketing
  • Capture the interest of your customers and prospects immediately
  • Stimulate interactions with your customers and prospects
  • Automate the management of your campaigns
  • Get great results instantly

Save precious time using WhatsApp

Wsappmass allows you, in a few clicks and in record time, to create and manage your marketing campaigns from your WhatsApp messaging application.
Send advertising messages, relevant information, promotions, or any other messages to all of your contacts with wsappmass that you can segment beforehand for better results.
Use a simple platform, which does not require any special skills and personalize your messages with text, emojis, images, video, sound,… add hyperlinks and create successful advertising campaigns in just a few clicks.

Speed up your communication

With over 2 billion users on the WhatsApp chat app, people using WhatsApp can’t resist checking their messaging regularly.
The open rate of messages on WhatsApp is over 70% when compared to an open rate of an emaling campaign that does not even reach 20%, wsappmas then becomes a powerful marketing tool.
Stop spending hours looking for solutions to speed up your communication and make it profitable!
Wsappmass is the all in one marketing platform specifically adapted to your target market and to the management of your commercial strategy.
Turn your messaging app into a formidable and winning marketing weapon for your business.

All the centralized tools for successful marketing campaigns


Send your messages in bulk to all numbers, even to those not in your directory


Import your contacts from a file (text or Excel) and create your own mailing lists


Use the built-in image editor and store your media for use in your posts


Prepare your communication campaigns and send them at the date and time of your choice


View your marketing campaign reports and optimize your address book for better efficiency


Use the auto responder for more responsiveness with your customers and prospects and use the chatbot to identify their needs

Our services



Support in your marketing strategy approach

Community Management

Complete and strategic management of your social networks


Audit and optimization for better visibility of your business on search engines

Branding & Rebranding

Choosing the right brand and showcasing it are your assets for the success of your business

Web Design

A design adapted to your image for ever more effective communication

Web development

For an institutional, e-commerce or tailor-made site, our teams are responsible for supporting you in this process.

Boost your communication effortlessly

– With Wsappmass

Our team works for you!

25 years of experience

ASSETSET LTD has acquired an expertise in the management of communication campaigns for more than 25 years.

Marketing uses all the techniques used to activate the advertising levers of which direct messages by WhatsApp are part.with an open rate of 70%.

Unparalleled marketing power for all marketing managers!

Modern tools

Wsappmass is a marketing campaign management platform on WhatsApp

The WhatsApp marketing campaign management platform allows you to manage all of your communication campaigns by inserting text, images, videos, sounds, …

It allows you to directly hit your target!

A team of professionals

Our team of web marketing professionals supports you in your communication efforts

Our team of digital marketing experts will support you in all your strategic communication steps according to your identity and your objectives.

Video Marketing Strategy WhatsApp with Wsappmass

Our reputation is proof of this!

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