Help with Wsappmass functionalities (3)

1 – How to view the connection information of your Whatsapp device?

Informations de connexion WhatsApp

Connecting your mobile’s WhatsApp account greatly affects the quality of your connection. Good performance design will allow WhatsApp applications to send and receive messages much more efficiently.

A large part of the disconnection and slow signal transmission is the slow connection to your device.


2. Step 1: Go to the list of connected accounts and choose one

Informations de connexion WhatsApp

3. Step 2: choose to display the design information in the first menu

Informations de connexion WhatsApp

Your device information includes:

  • Whatsapp version
  • Operating system version
  • Manufacturer of the mobile device
  • Mobile device model

1 – WhatsApp Live Chat on Wsappmass

Chat en direct sur Wsappmass

With this outstanding feature of Wsappmass, you can take care of customers. You won’t need to send and receive messages through your phone.

Note: your phone must still be connected to the Internet.Chat en direct WhatsApp

3. Step 2: Select the Chats menu

Chat en direct WhatsApp

1 – WhatsApp autoresponder

Fonctions répondeur automatique

2. Step 1: Select the auto answer feature from the feature menu

3. Step 2: Create an automatic reply message

Répondeur automatique WhatsApp
You can create an auto responder that includes text and an image. This is meant to be a welcome message when someone sends you a message.

The time interval between two messages is defined in the tab: Resend message only after (in minutes)