With more than 25 years of experience in digital marketing, the experts of ASSETSET LTD are able to support you in the different aspects of your communication.

Our team of digital marketing experts supports you in the following areas:

  • SEO analysis and audit
  • Web Marketing Campaign SEO for Website
  • SEA paid referencing campaign management
  • Community Management on social networks
  • SEO Optimized Web Content Writing
  • Website creation
  • Website creation specific to E-commerce
  • WordPress Site Creation
  • Graphic creation Web Design and Artwork
  • Website redesign
  • Website maintenance

To help you boost your communication and acquire new customers, consider WhatsApp marketing campaigns:

  • 2 billion WhatsApp users worldwide
  • An open rate of 70%.
  • A penetration rate of 94%
  • Over 100 billion messages exchanged every day
  • An essential marketing network!

The visibility of your business is not an option, it is vital!

– Wsappmass –

Choose the right partner


For 25 years, ASSETSET LTD has been working in Europe and the Indian Ocean with companies wishing to find professional support in the development of marketing and communication campaigns.

The experts of ASSETSET LTD have acquired multidisciplinary experiences in the communication and Web Marketing sector.

Return on investment & minimized risk

Our clients are European and / or international and have trusted us with obtaining results from the first year.

Measure our results

The reports we provide every month are indicative of the quality of our work.

Performance and Adaptability

Depending on your identity, the size of your company, your objectives and your target, ASSETSET LTD is involved in all the cogs of your communication.

360 ° Web Marketing

ASSETSET LTD intervenes and offers you global support in your communication and marketing campaigns.

The Wsappmass platform

The Wsappmass platform has been developed to allow you to manage your communication campaign with your customers and prospects by developing message sending flows (texts, images, videos, sounds, etc.) by WhatsApp.

Savings & Benefits

ASSETSET LTD is located in Mauritius. As a result, you benefit from a very attractive exchange rate and invoicing excluding VAT which will allow you to make substantial savings for European-style services.

The value of an idea lies in its implementation.

– Wsappmass –