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2. 1. How to connect a WhatsApp Marketing Tool account to Wsappmass?

Conncter compte WhatsApp

To connect your WhatsApp account with Wsappmass marketing platform, just use your phone with WhatsApp account login and scan the QR code on your Whatsapp application.
You can connect remotely by sending a Qr-code image to the user to connect.
The time for you to connect Qr-code is 15 seconds

2. Step 1: Create an account and choose a plan on

Accueil WsappMass

3. Step 2: Select the WhatsApp menu

Choose WhatsApp menu
Choose the WhatsApp marketing function on the Wsappmass platform

4. Step 3: choose to add an account

Add account WhatsApp
Select the plus sign on the left to add a new WhatsApp account
You can add an unlimited number of accounts depending on your server configuration.

5. Step 4: Scan the QR code on your Whatsapp app

scan QR Code
The time for you to log into your Whatsapp account with the QR code is 15 seconds. Take advantage of this time to send remote connection images if necessary.

6. List of accounts added

list account WhatsApp
The list of accounts after login will be on the left.

Keep your phone connected

The tool connects to your phone to synchronize messages. To reduce data usage, connect your phone to Wi-Fi.